About Us

The pandemic changed our lives forever. Everything that was offline, majorly shifted to online – be it basic necessities or the luxuries of life. 

I could picturize where the world was moving towards. 

I saw immense potential in the Digital Marketing industry and decided to empower the common man  with the knowledge of Digital Marketing. 

Digital Samridhi is a tribe, a family, founded by me. 

Digital Samridhi got its name from two major terms – Digital Marketing & Financial Freedom. 

Digital from Digital Marketing & Freedom (Samridhi in Hindi) from Financial Freedom.

Digital Samridhi is an institute by a common man for a common man, where I teach Digital Marketing in Hindi in an easy to understand manner. 

I am Laxmi Singh, am set on a mission to help at least 10,00,000 people to Learn, Implement & Earn Digitally through Digital Marketing. 

I am a Digital Mentor, where I focus on helping people achieve Financial Freedom by creating Multiple Sources of Income for themselves.


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